This month, we are catching up with AYSS member C&C Port Agency Finland who, for over 15 years, has been a central point of reference for the cruise and yachting industry in Finland. Considered the country in Europe on the “roof” of the world, Finland stretches towards the Baltic Barents Seas and borders with Russia to the east and Norway to the west. There are so many beautiful destinations to visit in Finland. C&C can prepare a customized itinerary for each yacht based on every guest’s interest, activity level, and time frame; however, don’t miss these stopovers on your itinerary!


Helsinki is the capital, and despite it being known for its laid-back atmosphere, it is a lively and vibrant town with a lot of nightlife options for those wanting to party the night away. The city occupies a unique cultural space, absorbing historical influences from both east and west.

It’s compact and therefore easy to explore the city’s Art Nouveau architecture and renowned Finnish design interiors by foot. This is an ideal starting point for cruising throughout the Finnish lakes onwards to St. Petersburg and to Tallinn in Estonia. For those looking for a little R&R, the archipelago of Helsinki, with its 330 islands, provides the perfect backdrop for lazy days at the beach or an energizing hike through one of the nature reserves. Don’t miss the fortress of Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its islands that are one of Finland’s most popular attractions. (They are just a short tender from the city centre.) While C&C has offices throughout Finland, this is the ideal spot to load up on provisioning, fuel, and spares particularly if you are off to more remote areas.


Mariehamn is located at the very heart of the Baltic Sea, just halfway between Finland and Sweden. The Aland Islands are made up of almost 6,700 islands and its unique archipelago culture, maritime heritage, and beauty are worth a visit. Aland is an autonomous Swedish-speaking and demilitarized region of Finland. It has its own flag, stamps, and license plates. After the bustling city of Helsinki, Mariehamn is the solution for a little rest and rejuvenation. Its 11,000 inhabitants live in this cosy and quaint city centre just a short 20-minute walk from the port. Get active here with golf, fishing, cycling, hiking, and kayaking opportunities at every turn.


Kotka, on the Southeast coast of Finland, is located right at the River Kymijoki, the largest river in Southern Finland. Here, there is a bit of everything from large public parks and nature reserves to a melting pot of culture in the towns; this border region, directly between Helsinki and St. Petersburg, absorbs influence from both cultures. The cruise port is in the city centre of Kotka main island and is the largest export and transhipment port in Finland. The main traffic here consists of timber, metal, paper, and stone and characterizes the strong maritime traditions of the city. Fishing enthusiasts will love going to catch salmon, pike, whitefish, and perch.


Undoubtedly one of the most charming seaside towns in the world, Hanko, Finland’s most southerly town, offers something for everyone. Outdoor lovers and sporting enthusiasts will adore the over 30 kilometres of sandy beaches, the natural reserves and the opportunities for hiking and water sports. There is a historic spa resort that is worth a visit, and colourful events are scheduled all year long. Great food, good living, and happy people are the reasons they call this area the Hampton’s of Finland or the Finnish Riviera.