The Association of Yacht Support Services

TheLuise Group, members of AYSS since 1993, have kicked off the start of the season by welcoming employees, members of the press, key strategic partners, suppliers and associations to their Annual Meeting at the Grand Hotel Miramare in Santa Margherita Ligure.

We talked to Francesco Luise, Managing Partner of the Luise Group to learn more the event. He told us, “With the number of clients continually growing and the nature of their requests becoming more varied and complex we have spent the last year reinforcing our offices to better meet their needs along the entire Italian coastline. The Annual Meeting is an important moment for us to bring everyone together to discuss these developments and to get up-to-date and ready to go for a successful start the season.”

In particular, growth has focused on reinforcing several key strategic locations in Italy. The Luise Group has recently opened a dedicated office in Portofino and will inaugurate their new facilities in Viareggio next month. Riposto, near Taormina, which has had a long-standing Luise office for over 20 years, has added a dedicated space for clients. In Porto Cervo, the gourmet provisioning facilities have doubled in size and new offerings and specialized tours have been created by the new Venetian office.

Gino Battaglia and Francesco Luise | Image credit: The Luise Group

Gino Battaglia, President of Italian Yacht Masters, Roberto Neglia from UCINA, Ezio Vannucci from Moores Rowland Partners, Giancarlo Linari, Director of Marina di Portofino and Paschalis Patsiokas, CEO of BWA Yachting were among the speakers as well.

Gino Battaglia shared some insight with us today, “For us superyacht captains, the Luise Group has always been an important point of reference. And the fact that they have their own dedicated staff in all of the most important ports in Italy guarantees seamless support for us whether it be with logistics or immigration services, fuelling or concierge services for our guests as we cruise.”

Roberto Neglia from UCINA provided the attendees with updates on all of the new legislations that are coming into effect this year. These will allow yachts to travel between ports and be supported by their yacht agent in a more effective and secure manner with also new regulations in place to protect the region’s delicate marine environment.

Image credit: The Luise Group

Moderated by Lorenzo Ciquera from Luise Yachting Riviera, in attendance were also representatives from Acqua dell’Elba, Infinite Yachts, the Marina Resort of Genoa and Porto Mirabello, the car rental company Assereto, the Portofino Gourmet Italy brand and I Gemelli Restaurant.

In conclusion, Francesco told us, “This Annual Meeting is a nice opportunity to get everyone together before we begin a busy season, but mostly this event serves to remind us of our priorities, values and heritage. Back from when my grandparents started offering concierge services during the Grand Tour to noble English families to today, our objective is really simple. Each client of ours is our number one priority. Even today when some say we have 80% of the market, I remind our team of where we have come and how each and every port call is a priority for us.”