The Association of Yacht Support Services

What do you love most about the superyacht scene? Is it the all-embracing beauty of the Mediterranean shores? Perhaps the exposure to many different world cultures is what gives you a buzz. At AYSS, we love the endless summer season of yachting!

The 2018 Med season has been particularly warm and life on the ocean has complimented this well. Those fortuitous enough to engage with our ever-growing number of Mediterranean agents will have gained great insights into how hard yacht agents work in ensuring visiting yachts have a welcoming visit.

From the the beginning of May, superyachts have been gracing the shores of Europe and North Africa and with the warm weather continuing, there’s no sign of the season disappearing just yet! AYSS agents from Scandinavia, the Azores and right throughout the Mediterranean have been incredibly busy providing for their busy yachts.

Its not just the Mediterranean either, elsewhere in Europe, we’ve heard of our agents performing great things for their yachts, throughout the endless golden sunshine. Scandinavia has experienced record-breaking temperatures. A picturesque sail across the Baltic sea and the Gulf of Bothnia is just the tonic for a relaxing summer cruise.

So when this wonderful European summer comes to an end, where next? Superyacht owners and captains will be busy planning the next few months. Many superyachts will head west towards the Caribbean shores. Those who do, are spolit for choice with AYSS agents in many sought after locations.

St. Maarten with their endless lagoons and sparkling shores is incredibly desirable. AYSS have two experienced agents awaiting your arrival. Dockside Management have over 25 year’s experience and have an extensive network of local and reliable agents. BWA Yachting’s St. Maarten office is their Caribbean headquarters. From immigration and clearances to bunkering and air transportation, BWA’s vision is to provide a seamless integrated and professional service.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – famous as a sailing destination and its volcanic landscapes is a jewel in the Windward Islands. Erika’s Yacht Services will be pleased greet you there. Their professional team assist with provisioning and concierge requirements in addition to a host of other services.

Further down, representing AYSS, are Anchor Concierge on the island of Antigua. They are enormously professional and accommodating. Visiting yachts and crew can expect a one-stop concierge service, customs clearance and visas/visa waivers to name but a few services available. Antigua’s natural beauty and warmth make is an essential stop for Caribbean cruisers.

It doesn’t stop there either! Shore Side Yacht Services out in the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) specialise in assisting charter and mega yachts With over 30 years of industry experience, why not pay them a visit? Rich in equal parts culture and beauty, the BVIs are considered a must-visit in the Caribbean.

There’s so much choice available to visiting yachts seeking an AYSS agent in the Caribbean and beyond!

Other yachts choose to head East, to the cultural coast of Asia after the European summer – join us soon, for part 2, where we’ll uncover some exquisite locations for your itinerary. The best part? There’s an AYSS agent right round the corner!

So where are you sailing? We love to hear from travelling superyachts. Share your AYSS and other superyacht experiences with us on our social media channels and be sure to get in touch if we can provide any more information. Wherever you sail you’re never far away from an AYSS yacht agent!