The Association of Yacht Support Services

Code of Ethics

AYSS Agent Goals

  • To facilitate the best quality service to superyachts
  • To offer reasonable prices
  • To raise the profile of the superyacht industry throughout the world
  • To increase membership of our association
  • To facilitate members passing business to each other
  • To uphold business ethics in the superyacht industry

In achieving the aims and objectives of AYSS through cooperative effort and combined marketing initiatives, each Agent/Member Company, its employees and directors shall agree to subscribe to and fully comply with the AYSS Code of Ethics and Conduct.

This agreement is a condition of membership and exhibits the Association’s commitment to maintain the highest level of professional standards in the yachting industry. All members will strive to work in the spirit of fairness to all clients, their employees, sub-contractors and fellow members of the AYSS.

A strong devotion to high ideals of professional integrity and courtesy is essential.

AYSS, as an organisation, shall

  • Strive to achieve a co-operative and positive climate within the industry by demonstrating loyalty towards the members and showing respect to the stakeholders in achieving the purpose of the organisation.
Professional Integrity and Courtesy

An AYSS Agent/Member Company shall

  • Uphold at all times the tradition and integrity of the AYSS, and conduct themselves and their businesses in such a manner that will bring credit to the member, the Association and all fellow members.
  • Use the spirit of honesty, excellence, reliability, innovation and customer satisfaction to guide their decisions and commercial focus.
  • Refrain from associating with or conducting commercial transactions with persons or companies of questionable character.
  • Avoid operational practices that may diminish the overall integrity of the yacht services industry; especially fraudulent, illegal or discriminatory practices.
  • Treat as confidential and privileged any information obtained regarding the business or social affairs, financial position, state of health, technical methodology or processes of all clients, their employees, sub-contractors and fellow members of the AYSS.
  • Not disclose or use for the benefit of non-members commercial information received from, or in connection with the AYSS and its members, unless specifically approved by the Executive Secretary or the Chairman.
  • Refrain from using aggressive, improper or questionable methods when advertising or promoting their business or commercial activities.
  • Seek no unfair advantage over fellow members.
  • Not voluntarily disparage the business, products or services of a fellow member. If an opinion is sought regarding an AYSS member, it should be provided with discretion, professional integrity and courtesy.
  • Refuse to pay in any manner, direct or indirect, commissions to clients, crew or other employees of possible clients for the purpose of influencing them in his favor.
Standards of Products and Services

An AYSS Agent/Member Company shall

  • remedy promptly and equitably any genuine case of dissatisfaction honoring all guarantees and undertakings given as to quality or service
  • render their products and services based on the highest standards
  • not use the AYSS mark in such a way to bring discredit to AYSS
Cooperation and Avoiding Conflict

An AYSS Agent/Member Company shall

  • So conduct his business as to avoid controversies with his fellow members. In the event of controversy or grievances among members, AYSS may be requested to intervene. Litigation is very strongly discouraged and used only as a last resort.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest with the Association or with other members or, where unavoidable, declare these openly or, if appropriate, to the Council of AYSS in confidence.
  • Inform a client or employer of all interests, affiliations, conflicts, or potential conflicts of interest which might influence decisions or the quality of services rendered.
AYSS Code of Conduct

1. General
The present Code of Conduct is intended to set down the particular conditions under which the Association operates and to define some of the customs and practices of the profession. In the case of a contradiction between the Constitution and the Code of Conduct, the Constitution will prevail. All Members are bound to comply with the rules of practice and conduct set down by the Association.

2. Membership applications criteria and procedures

All Membership applications shall be submitted to the Membership Working Group on comprehensively completed membership application forms together with supporting documents.

All successful applicants shall have a clear knowledge and understanding of the Association’s Code of Ethics and Conduct as included on all member applications. All successful applicants agree to comply with the AYSS Code of Conduct and shall have a copy of the AYSS Constitution for their reference and use.

All applications shall be endorsed & supported by three AYSS Full members in good standing.

The Membership Working Group shall verify all required conditions are satisfied and shall submit the request to the Executive Secretary who shall review the candidature and make recommendations to the Council for approval or rejection. If a Membership Working Group is not operating the Executive Secretary will submit the request directly to the Council.

3. Professional Insurance
All Members are strongly encouraged to carry adequate insurance cover for world-wide Professional Indemnity at a level appropriate to the members operations and exposure.

4. Disciplinary and Mediation Procedures

If the AYSS Ethics and Grievances Working Group receives a complaint against a Member of the Association (The Respondent) who is alleged to have contravened the Code of Ethics and Conduct or to have acted unethically or unprofessionally, the Ethics and Grievances Working Group shall examine the facts of the complaint, in order to take any action as the Council may eventually deem necessary.

To avoid conflicts of interest any Ethics and Grievances Working Group member or Council Member involved in the complaint or closely associated to any or all parties shall not participate in any communications, deliberations or proceedings by the Working Group or the Council relating to the complaint. However, these members may be consulted for input and information deemed critical to the subject matter and circumstances of the complaint.

Any Member who has been found by a Council decision to have failed to comply with the Code of Conduct or to have acted unethically or unprofessionally may be subject to a membership review, suspension or expulsion from the Association.

Complaint Procedures

1. Any Member having a justifiable cause for complaint against another Member shall make a request in writing to the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the AYSS. The Member shall submit a written statement of the facts and circumstances together with digital copies of all relevant documents and communications. A complaint can be laid on this online form.

2. The Chairman and Vice Chairman will present the circumstances to the Council who will decide if there are sufficient grounds for the working group to investigate the circumstances. If so the Ethics and Grievances Working Group shall respond to the complaint within thirty (30) days of receipt of such documents. A decision taken in conjunction with the Council on the merits and legitimacy of such a complaint will be sent to the complainant in writing.

3. If the Council identifies grounds for a legitimate complaint the Respondent(s) will be notified in writing and receive copies of all documents and communications submitted by the Complainant. The Respondent will have fifteen (15) days to respond with supporting documents to the Ethics and Grievances Working Group as well as the Complainant.

4. The Respondent(s) will have fifteen (15) days to respond with supporting documents to the Ethics and Grievances Working Group as well as the Complainant.

5. Following this response, the Ethics and Grievances Working Group will report to the Council who will decide an appropriate course of action and any disciplinary action within fifteen (15) days and inform all parties in writing.

Appeal Procedures

1. Any Member found to have contravened the Code of Ethics and Conduct or acted unethically or unprofessionally as a result of the Complaint Procedures above has fifteen (15) days from the date of notification to submit a written appeal to the Council.

2. If the Council does not find in favor of the appeal within thirty (30) days of receipt of the appeal, any disciplinary action(s) including the Member’s suspension or expulsion from the Association as decided upon by the Council, shall become effective upon notification in writing.

Re: JLS Yacht & Charter Service Company

I have known Stephen since 2009. During the 6 month stay of M/Y Ellix Too in UAE, Stephen and his team were on hand at all times to assist with the needs of the yacht and the crew. Stephen’s knowledge of the industry and the ‘can-do’ attitude saved us plenty of time and money. His assistance during the first Abu Dhabi F1 was integral to the success of the yacht’s attendance at this event. Since then, we have worked on a few other projects which Stephen has dedicated his time and knowledge to achieving positive outcomes. I have no reservation in recommending Stephen and his team to parties interested in his services.

Farook Golchin

M/Y Ellix Too