Even seasoned yacht professionals with years of experience in the industry have a hard time explaining what a yacht agent does. All Services, a leading yacht agent based in Sanremo have been supporting superyachts for over 35 years and provide, perhaps,the best answer to the question, “What do you do” we have ever heard.

“The complex and diligent work that happens behind the scenes to make life enjoyable for guests and crew onboard on a super yacht is fundamental. And if it is done well, the work should be something that goes unnoticed. This is what we do.” said Alessandro Sartore, founder of the company that bears the same initials.

All Services are 24/7

That is exactly what All Services does, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This is a yacht agent who makes experiences happen in a discreet and professional way, allowing owners and charterers the opportunity to experience the joy of yachting without all the headaches involved in the organisation.  

So much more than just an agent

Perhaps it would be easier if we start with an example of the more extraordinary things they have done for a client rather than provide a hefty list of the formalities and immigration services, without to mention the port bookings, private transfers, provisioning, bunkering, and spares procurement, which they also are known for.

“An elderly gentleman, owner of a 38-meter yacht, was spending the summer in the South of France and Italy.  The Captain had arranged to create a short film for him that would chronicle his European experience.  The Captain called us at All Services on a Sunday and asked if we could find the owner’s brother-in-law’s gravesite; he who was an officer who had been killed shortly after the Normandy Invasion in France.  Finding the grave was not too difficult, but we were then asked to find a paparazzi photographer in Brittany who could film the gentleman at the tomb without being seen.  We were able to pull it off, and the owner never saw him. But the captain, who was there at the gravesite, told us later about the gymnastics that the photographer had to perform to not be seen. The captain could see out of the corner of his eye the poor photographer scampering around trying to find somewhere to hide… a bit of a challenge in a cemetery field of white crosses.  The owner never saw him, the video was produced, and it was all in a day’s work for us.”

Their people are the magic

When you hear stories like this and meet some of the captains who have worked with them for years, you automatically get the feeling that they must have magical fairy dust to make this all work so well. After meeting with the team, the answer was clear; it was not fairy dust but the people. All Services was founded in 1980, and Alessandro leads the team with pride; most evident is the fact that he is working towards creating a strong family legacy: three generations of Sartores now work at All Services!

They have years of experience, seriously

At the Head Office in Sanremo where 95% of the staff is based (there are smaller offices in Marina di Stabia in Naples, and in Imperia), 30 people work for Alessandro. And in an ever more mobile working environment, the numbers of years of service were staggering: Vivien – 26 years, Antonella – 30 years, with others at 24 years, 18 years, 12 years and the list goes on and on. I was hard pressed to find anyone who had been there for under 4 years. This is a piece of information that always gives a clear indication that something special is at work. The team has been working for so long together that they have grown up with a lot of the captains and crew and developed a deep sense of respect and trust for one another; this is especially impressive in our relatively young industry.

Vivien told me, “We know our clients very well. We know their roles and the types of services they like, and we answer the phone at all hours. The captains and crew know that they can call at any time of the day, and we are always there even when things start to get very busy during the season. I think we are at our best then: we are most on the ball!”

By all they really do mean all

Whether you have a particular fuel request (Alessandro takes care of the fuel personally for all the yachts) or need a quick update on the marine parks and buoys in the area, the team is ready to serve you. Besides in English and Italian, they can also help you in French, Flemish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish. A subsidiary of All Services, Yachtax, offers fiscal services and representation in Italy and around the Med and provides guidance on yacht importation into Europe through a simple procedure that doesn’t require you to spend hours in a French port waiting for it.

If you are over in the Italian Riviera stop in to meet the team and see for yourselves why these guys should be on everyone’s speed dial.