The Association of Yacht Support Services

Since 1991 AYSS has been supporting captains and crew of the world’s largest yachts. With 70 agents located in all corners of the globe our members are the best at what they do: from making clearances hassle free to managing the complex requirements of immigration and customs formalities, our agents work closely with local maritime authorities to ensure that your yacht is in full compliance. Our yacht agents are also well versed in the types of collateral concierge and guest services you require and are proud to say that our members are able to support your yacht exceptional marine agency services in all corners of the globe.

Once a year, just prior to the Monaco Yacht Show, our members convene for its Annual Meeting. This provides an opportunity for us to discuss common issues facing all of us today and to leverage our experience and network of contacts to lobby for more yacht friendly legislation and to provide guidance and support to one another on best practices.

At this time of year, as we prepare to convene in Monaco for the show we spoke to several of the Council Members to hear what being a part of AYSS means to them.

Adam Tarleton, AYSS Chairman

Brazil Yacht Services

Adam Tarleton
I first went to sea on large yachts around 1974 so really this industry has been my life. I was instrumental in bringing what was then Dock Express to Palma de Mallorca and I looked after their interests for about 20 years gaining a deep insight into the requirements of what were then large yachts.

Managing expectations is one of our greatest challenges in Brazil. The surrounding area is spectacular whether Amazon, Fernando de Norunha or the Bay of Angra dos Reis, however infrastructure is severely lacking. The country recognizes commercial shipping and day boats whilst large Yachts fall into a huge gap.

It is always good to be a member of a group of peers and acknowledged as such. This then gives us the ability to talk with authorities and industry leaders in this huge complex country. The first step is to make them aware that a growing superyacht industry exists in their country. From here we have been invited to give our views to various government bodies. The changes are infinitesimal but are still changes. First, comes awareness. We are being acknowledged as one of the movers in opening the industry here bringing in standards whether for charter contracts or crew qualifications.

Anders Pedersen, AYSS Council Member

TR Shipping Denmark Aps – Denmark

We are working hard to educate local authorities on the potential of this industry in Northern Europe. Being part of AYSS is important for us as it gives us a solid “stamp of approval” since the organization is a well-known name within the industry. It also provides us with the opportunity to be part of a larger family of yacht agents. As yachts move we often rely on our neighbouring AYSS colleagues for support and coordination as itineraries often include more than one region.

Kass Johnson, AYSS Council Member

Dockside Management – St. Maarten

kass 3

The Association vets agents prior to membership to ensure they are operating with the highest level of integrity, work ethic, and strong values. It is exactly for this reason that we are part of the organization and is the light we want to shine on Dockside Management. It also gives us the opportunity to refer our clients to agents worldwide that we personally know and trust. And in turn, about 80% of our new clients come to us by referral from other AYSS members.

Duncan Sweet, AYSS Council Member

Mid Atlantic Yacht Services – Azores, Portugal


Duncan Sweet (far right) and team | Image credit

Duncan Sweet (far right) and team | Image credit

I take great pride in flying the AYSS flag as it shows a concern for a high standard of care and taking care of our clients, unfortunately, not universal among all yacht agents. We see a marked increase in large yachts wanting to cruise in the Azores with owner’s and guests onboard, which has led us to broaden our scope of activities to include many of the islands within the Archipelago!

Some 15 years ago, when the decision was made to create a professional position to assist the Executive Council with management, marketing, and brand building, I was invited by Simon Alexander to join the Council in this transition to a more formal structure for the Association. Playing a role on the Council keeps me in touch with the active members who feel a need to help shape the future and bring change to the Association and/or the wider industry as a whole.

Heather Grant, AYSS Council Member

Erika Yacht Services – St. Vincent and the Grenadines


Heather Grant centre with team

Heather Grant centre with team

Paramount to AYSS’s mission is to offer agency support services in a fully transparent manner. It is this transparency that will win ongoing clients and which will help strengthen our credibility. It is important for us to be part of an association of like-minded people who are not only focused on promoting yacht agency services around the world but to also support one another. This second point is an important one for us as we rely on our AYSS colleagues around the globe to share successes as well as challenges.

Sytske Kimman, AYSS Council Member

Camper & Nicholsons – Hong Kong


Image credit:

Image credit: AYSS

We became a member of AYSS because the other regional networks we worked with did not seem to tick the boxes anymore. Promoting full transparency and high ethical standards along with the ability to be part of a strong referral network is why we are part of AYSS. When you want to have practices changed, you need to invest time and effort in order to make it happen and that is what the entire Council is committed to doing.