Depending on where you are located, the yacht agency business can be notoriously seasonal, but for yacht agents like the Melita Marine Group, who are veterans in the industry with almost 30 years of experience, this is the case no more. Melita over the past three decades has quickly adapted to the ever-changing and complex needs of the superyacht industry, developing shoreside support services that go beyond a single port of call to support captains and owners all year round.

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Strategically located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta, just 93 kilometres south of Sicily and 288 kilometres north of Africa, is the cultural and commercial centre of the archipelago which is made up of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Gozo, Malta’s little sister is rural and known for its fishing trade, crafts, culture and agriculture industry while Comino is largely uninhabited. With the country’s recent improvements to marine infrastructure and the strengthening of legal parameters to encourage foreign yacht stays, owners and crew appreciate its incredibly mild climate year round, bustling nightlife, and over 7,000 years of history.

If Malta is on your radar, the Melita Marine Group is perfectly positioned to assist captains for a quick turnaround, a longer stay, or a refit period. Let’s take a look at what makes Melita Marine tick!

1. It’s not only agency services.

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The Melita Marine Group not only executes superb professional yachting agency services but also provides their expertise to vessels in the yard. Whether it is sourcing for spare parts, identifying capable contractors for a small repair, or executing a major refit, Melita has the contacts and capabilities to get you sorted. The Group’s own 100m vessel capability yard facility and dry dock directly employs 130 expert technicians in the fields of engine, mechanical, electrical and electronic repair, as well as boasting Malta’s only dedicated team of yacht painters.

2. Well of course it’s Pierre Balzan.

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Pierre Balzan, founder of the Melita Marine Group, is a well-known veteran in the industry having started his career in the maritime sector at his family’s shipyard in 1985. There, he learned every aspect of the business and in 1989, he set up a business covering basic yachting services which now offers not only a fully comprehensive set of agency services but also management, brokerage and charter services as well. From port bookings to transfers, and VIP concierge services to laundry services, Pierre has an expert team at your service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

3. They come with stellar references.

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Just take a look at some of the most impressive yachts today executed major refit projects with the support of The Melita Marine Group as of late. The list speaks for itself…

MY AMEVI – 85m – engine, interior, deck, select painting, underwater maintenance
MY CORNELIA – 35m – paint overall, engine, interior, exterior, decks, electrical
MY INDIAN EMPRESS – 95m – main engines overhaul, paint sections, interior
MY FORCE INDIA – 50m – main engine overhaul
MY MARTHA ANN – 70m – main engines overhaul, paint sections, interior
MY BARAKA – 60m – main engines overhaul, paint sections, interior
MY SERENE – 134m – Seven Generator overhaul – Diesel Electrical System
MY GARCON – 60m – main engines overhaul, paint sections, interior

Plus they are also MTU Engine official distributors and Awlgrip Paints distributors.

4. They also can supply all your safety and medical supplies

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Melita can supply a large range of high quality life saving equipment for yachts including life jackets and rafts, EPIRB’s, sarts, VHF and pyrotechnics to both leisure and commercial vessels. They also offer life rafts for hire, and they service all marine safety equipment directly, or through our partners worldwide, if you are in need of replenishment of supplies during your stay. Sitting for a while and need some updated survival and medical training courses? No problem… they can arrange that too!

5. They have an incredible provisioning and yacht chandlery department.

Even the most discerning foodies will be pleased with the wide selection of food and beverage offerings Melita can provide. Through their long-standing connections with the best international suppliers in the market today, the Yacht Chandlery department is able to procure supplies from any corner of the globe and get it to you onboard in record time, while sourcing them in the most cost effective manner.