The AYSS Mission Statement

The AYSS is a worldwide, self governing body to lift the otherwise mostly unregulated industry of yacht agents to a transparent and more professional level. Potential Yacht Agent members are strictly vetted before being accepted with a minimum of 2 years in business and 3 sets of recommendations being required from Captains, Industry and Fellow AYSS members. These recommendations are updated every 5 years approximately.

The objectives of the AYSS are: to lift the otherwise mostly unregulated industry of yacht agents to a transparent and more professional level, by the following means:
Members subscribe to and fully comply with the AYSS Code of Ethics and Conduct.
Captains, owners or yacht managers may complain to the AYSS board in case they are not happy with services provided by AYSS members, the AYSS board will help to solve any problems.
AYSS yacht agents who do not comply with the code of ethics will be questioned and in extreme circumstances will be asked to resign from the association.

Advantages of being an a AYSS member:
– Reliable information about other jurisdictions
– Facilitating Members’ professional liability insurance
– Facilitating discount from marine suppliers

All members strive to work in the spirit of fairness with clients, who are entitled to an honest and transparent business relation with an AYSS office. Members are devoted to high professional ethics, integrity and courtesy. The AYSS policy of business transparency means clear and accurate information coupled with concise and easy to understand quotes and accounting.

Re: South American Superyacht Support SASYSS

I can confirm that Tomas Miranda did an excellent job for us in Chile. Our tour was exceptional as we do not tend to do much pre-planning due to the busy, unpredictable nature of the owner. Tomas was incredibly adaptable to our ever changing circumstances. He assisted in all areas from route planning, pilotage, provisions, customs, clearance, repairs, transport and many other services.

The benefit Tomas has is he has worked in the industry and fully understands the demands of private yachts. I would fully recommend him to any other boats making that tricky trip around the South of America.

Captain Iain Bradshaw

S/Y Ahimsa