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Jakera Exclusive


For over 12 years Jakera Exclusive have been servicing visiting Superyachts, providing unrivalled total solutions to owners and their guests, working with some of the best and most demanding captains in the industry. This level of care and attention to detail extends to onshore visitors to Venezuela. We offer discreet security and 24/7 concierge service in Caracas to ensure your stay is productive and enjoyable.

Whatever, wherever, whenever – we will look after all your requirements during your time in this amazing country.


Jakera Exclusive will help you plan your cruise itinerary including exclusive discreet clearance services from a variety of locations. Provisioning and bunkering options, private anchorages, onshore trips for your guests and crew including aviation services and security can be arranged as required. Our experienced team look forward to catering to all your needs during your stay, including:

  • Itinerary Planning
  • Yacht Clearances/Formalities
  • Technical Services and Support
  • Cruising, Customs and Immigration Procedures
  • Marine Agency Services
  • Berth Reservations
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Tourism Arrangements
  • Exclusive Excursions
  • Hotel and Restaurant Reservations
  • Helicopter and Jet Rental
  • Fresh Provisions/Supplies
  • Courier Service
  • Freight Handling
  • Banking Transactions
  • VIP Concierge Services
  • On-board Entertainment
From touch down at Caracas International Airport we will look after all your logistics and service requirements. Our integrated security and 24/7 concierge service incorporates ‘Organizacion Junior Salas, C.A.’ with a fleet of armored VIP transports operating from the ‘Gran Melia’ 5 star hotel.Our clients include diplomats, government ministers, internationally acclaimed artists and celebrities, politicians and business executives. Whether on business or pleasure you will be assured a service that is effective, 24/7 and discreet.
Chartering a private yacht is the ultimate vacation experience. Jakera Exclusive are full members of the ‘Association of Yacht Support Services’, serving Superyachts worldwide. From sailboat to Superyacht we look forward chartering and servicing your yachting requirements.We also have access to a wide range of aviation services including jets, turbo prop and helicopters for travel within Venezuela and her outlying islands, as well as international destinations.
Anchor Concierge

Chris Patterson – Phone/WhatsApp +506 8854 7086
Hoanna Gonzales – Phone + 58 414 809 2532

Jakera Exclusive
Mochima National Park

Venezuela: +58 414 809 2532
International: +506 8854 7086

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