We would greatly appreciate your input on this short Port Survey to help us evaluate our performance and services. Please mark the answers on a scale of 1-10 (1=poor). Your comments are encouraged and will be kept in complete confidence.

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Name of Port

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Q1. Information received on local regulations/conditions & requirements prior to arrival were complete & informative?

Q2. AYSS member available on arrival and the smoothness of the clearing in procedure?

Q3. Berth & docking arrangement appropriate for your vessel?

Q4. Member's quick response and good communications to all requests for info?

Q5. Services and or supplies/fuel delivered to the boat on time?

Q6. Advance quotation for goods & services to be supplied was agreeable and to your satisfaction?

Q7. Invoice procedure, was it supplied in a timely/clear manner in an easy to understand format?

Q8. Were you given a current AYSS Global Handbook?

Any comments and suggestions how we can better serve the needs of you, your crew and the large yacht sector?