The Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS)

The Association of Yacht Support Services has been assisting the captains and crew of the worlds Superyacht fleet since 1991. With our offices spread throughout the world’s cruising grounds, our combined knowledge and experience can ensure that every port you visit, is a port you will wish to return to, again and again.

The AYSS was founded as an association of highly qualified agents to bring together local suppliers and yacht captains, and to assist the smooth passage of superyachts across the region.

The oceans of the world have now become the gateways offering travellers sights, sounds and experiences to behold! Countries and ports become simple stepping stones along the route: destination to destination; experience to experience; culture to culture. From the Atlantic Ocean through to the Pacific, across the Indian Ocean and around the massive land masses of South Africa and South America, and through the mighty canals of the Panama and Suez. The romantic imagery evoked of times gone by is still there, but in modern times and with a different sort of commercial pressure, it is essential that support is in place at each of the destinations.

AYSS is an organisation established to provide the very best in support service and amenities for owners, guests and crew. From your home port onwards you can come under the wing of AYSS, and no matter where you are, you will be supported through your travels

AYSS currently has 71 agents strategically placed throughout the world to offer vessels and crew the guidance and support needed to take advantage of everything that each country has to offer, and ensure that owners and guests are provided with the best there is. We will smooth your passage through the mountains of beauracracy that clog up your chart tables, assist with visas, cruising permits and port control requirements; suggest wonderful sights and places to discover; provide you with the best in the way of culinary delights from the region; and assist with all of the essential day to day requirements of any superyacht.

With AYSS agents you will be linked from one destination to another so that you will never be far from professional help and a friendly face. The experience that all our agents have in their own country will encourage you to take full advantage of your time in each destination and taste the different flavours that each has to offer. The team have developed a family bond creating an unrivalled network of professional service providers.

The sights you can experience are so varied and exotic; you can only truly appreciate them with the help of a local. From sophisticated Ancient European Cultures to the Middle Eastern and Asian mystic, the quirky Australian and New Zealand sense of humour, the traditions of the Pacific, the soul of the Latin people in South and Central America, and the energy from the Caribbean Nations to the advanced American attitude – the magic beckons…

Join our AYSS family and take the amazing journey that the great oceans have to offer! Live the dream!

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Re: Premier Marine Services

The summer of 2014 we undertook a trip to the US Great Lakes. We engaged the services of Premier Marine Services to assist us beginning with our initial landfall in Halifax Nova Scotia. Capt. Brian and his staff assisted us throughout the summer in navigating the requirements for travelling the St. Lawrence Seaway System, the myriad of Pilotage authorities as well as the various preparations required in advance. Dockage, fuelling, transportation, vessel and or crew needs were all looked after with efficiency and the sense of urgency that is demanded in The Industry. Their attentiveness and immediate response was comforting giving us the feeling that we truly had “A Friend – All along The Way”. We look forward to working with Premier Marine Services again sometime in the not too distant future and highly recommend them to any vessel of any size visiting Eastern Canada and or travelling to the US Great Lakes.

Captain Justin Dubowitz

M/Y Seaquest