The Association of Yacht Support Services

The superyacht industry has a lot to be admired. In the foreground, there is an abundance of wealthy owners, experienced captains and professional shoreside services. They all immerse themselves in the enviable lifestyle within. However, AYSS recognise it’s not an industry that can thrive without a passion for our oceans, environment and those we share our planet with.

AYSS is enormously proud of their prestigious members. They not only provide first-class yacht agency services to the industry but somehow find the time to involve themselves with local environmental and humanitarian initiatives. AYSS fully support and encourage our members to do so.

Our planet is in a sad state. Extreme weather, an ocean lined with plastic and global poverty are just some of the contributing factors. Thankfully there are bountiful local organisations across the world who do their best to make a difference. We are delighted to see so many of our members involving themselves wherever they can.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

Based in the Azores, AYSS Superyacht Agent, Duncan Sweet of Mid Atlantic Yacht Services is involved in helping two valuable causes. One of these is “No More Plastic Bags for the Azores.” Sweet comments: Our dedication is used to push local governments to ban single use cups, plates and cutlery from local festivals. It’s also to provide more recycling facilities within the 9 islands.” Plastic is widely regarded as disasterous for our planet. The effects it’s had on our oceans and marine life is devastating.

At the other corner of the planet, AYSS member Auckland-based 37 South assist with a local initiative too. They help provide sustainable learning centres throughout Raja Ampat, the sparsely populated archipelago in Indonesia.

These are just two examples of the wonderful work undertaken by some of our members. It doesn’t stop there! As a organisation we have been busy adding to our commitment to make a positive and lasting change to our planet.

AYSS have been recently working together with the incredible Yacht Aid Global (YAG).

“We coordinate the acquisition and delivery of humanitarian aid to coastal communities in need or impacted by natural disasters in collaboration with a global network of volunteers, vetted NGOs and disaster relief experts.” – Yacht Aid Global

The 2017 Caribbean hurricane season was particularly cruel.  One of our members has witnessed the incredible work achieved by YAG first-hand. Drinking water, electricity and other vital services were restored with the assistance of YAG. They, and thousands more will be forever grateful for the aid efforts they received.  YAG coordinated aid efforts involving 44 yachts, 750 crew and thousands of volunteers, delivering over £325,000 aid

It is for these reasons, that today, AYSS are proud to announce we are the first organisation to sign Yacht Aid Global’s Yachting Pledge. It’s unique within the yachting industry. By signing the pledge, AYSS will donate “1% for the planet” from our income this year. We have every confidence in YAG to maximise the benefit from our contributions.

YAG and the Superyacht Aid Coalition have been delivering disaster-relief since 2006, when AYSS member Mark Drewelow of C2C Inc. in San Diego founded YAG and continues to work as a Program Advisor.

If you’d like to find out more about Yacht Aid Global, pleased head over to their website. Whether you’re an individual or representing an organisation, there are many ways to involve yourself. Help us in making our planet a better place for everyon. To find out more about AYSS and the services our members can offer superyachts across the world, please see