The Association of Yacht Support Services

In our last blog, we talked about how much we relish the endless summer of the superyacht industry – when med season finally comes to an end, most Europeans are preparing for the cosiness of autumn. Those on superyachts however…well they simply track the warmer climes, up-anchor and sail away!

Part 1 of our Endless Summer blog explored the opportunities, heading west towards the beautiful Caribbean. For those deciding to journey East, there are plentiful luxury destinations anticipating the arrival of a superyacht to their shores.

The enchanting coasts of the Indian Ocean and South East Asia are instantly captivating. Their irresistible sunsets, golden beaches and culturally diversity will draw you in. AYSS are well-represented throughout these shores.

In Mumbai, home to the Gateway of India archway, you’ll find AYSS agents Sea Waif. Mumbai, home to over 20 million people is a vibrant city and Sea Waif can boast to be “The only exclusive yacht management company in India since 1994.” They have a fully trained workforce, ready to serve the needs of all superyachts. Their service is first-class.

Sail onwards to Hong Kong and you’ll find Camper & Nicholson’s Asia Yacht Services. Not only are they situated in the one of the most dazzling urban regions in the continent, they also come widely renowned for their multicultural and diligent team. Their efficiency and well-planned logistics make your stopover relaxing and hassle-free.

Nearer to the Mediterranean in the Persian Gulf you will find the spectacular sights of the United Arab Emirates. It’s both a beautiful and different destination to explore.

UAE comprises of 7 Emirates and our two experienced AYSS agents are on-hand to assist all visiting superyachts. Kanoo Shipping are proud to be the first Arab shipping agency in the region – commencing operations in 1911. Also, AYSS members JLS Yacht and Charter Service Company based in Dubai specialise in superyacht agency; as yacht captains themselves, they truly understand the requirements of a busy yachting life. AYSS are enormously proud to be represented by both our UAE agents.

You may like to head south to even warmer regions – and where better than the stunning archipelago of the Seychelles. Home to countless coral reefs, beaches and rare marine wildlife, it’s paradise for visiting yachts. AYSS agents Hunt Deltel & Co. Ltd. are situated on Mahe, the largest of the islands. Founded in 1937, Hunt Deltel & Co. Ltd. “have been in the forefront of promoting Seychelles as a superyacht destination and have handled the majority of such vessels calling in recent years.” Expect to be welcomed by professional and diligent staff, ready to meet all your needs.

Navigate further East and you’ll soon find yourselves at the luxurious Maldives. Famed for its magnificent landscapes and lavish lifestyles, it’s not easy to sail past without stopping to enjoy this jewel in the Indian ocean. If you do plan a trip, ensure you contact our three wonderful Maldives agents: Asia Pacific Superyachts, Maldives Yacht Support and newly re-joined Island Sailors. With uncountable years of experience between them, there aren’t many local services who know the islands better!

Planning to sail even further? Well – the vibrant city-state of Singapore is always a popular choice for travellers. There’s simply something for everyone. It lies below the southern tip of the Malay peninsula, virtually on the equator. Singapore possesses three world-class marinas, perfect for hosting superyachts. Whether you’re heading to the Grand Prix, looking for a luxury shopping experience or simply time to relax, Yachting Singapore, proud to be part of the AYSS family will provide everything you need for your stay.

Yachting Singapore’s AYSS ‘neighbours’ are The Lighthouse Consultancy, situated on the Indonesian island of Bali. It’s a world-renowned destination for superyachts, surfers and sun-worshippers. Surely not one to miss on your Asian superyacht agenda? The Lighthouse Company, AYSS members since 2015 go far and beyond expectations for their visiting yachts. Recognising the importance of dedicated team, they allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Indonesia’s culture, whilst handling all your requirements.

With AYSS, superyacht captains really are spoiled for choice. We’ve done the evaluations for you – only those who meet strict criteria can call themselves an AYSS member. Guaranteed to provide a professional yacht agency service, it’s no wonder more and more people are seeking the AYSS logo wherever they visit.

Interested in becoming a member? Please visit our Membership Benefits page to learn more and request an application.