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Port Said was founded in 1860 as a harbour on the Mediterranean Coast at the Northern entrance of the Suez Canal. The physical and socio-economic character of the city that determined its birth has persisted until the present day and is identified by:
1. Its livelihood bound up with the canal and its operation.
2. A community whose purpose is serving the canal and its ancillary activities.
3. The European atmosphere which characterised its society and its construction, and which is reflected by the conduct and way of living of its inhabitants.
4. Its rigid city form and population increase hampered by its shortage of land surface.

The Suez Canal progress led to the prosperity of Port Said. By 1918 its population reached up to 450,000 inhabitants and during the decade of the twenties it became an international trade centre due to the promotion of the world commerce which the Suez Canal realised.

Hundreds of shipping agents, food suppliers, banks, hotels and a big variety of firms whose activities were related with serving ships transporting goods and passengers were established.

In 1976 Port Said was declared to be a free zone resulting in imported goods being tax exempt. This greatly benefits tourism in this area.

We are one of the largest professional recruiting and placement agencies in the world. Using the most up-to-date communications and a global network of manpower tracking, we can offer you a guarantee of high-quality transiting through the Suez Canal. We can locate and deliver the necessary staff to meet your personnel needs at a moment’s notice. We are listening round the clock to pick up your call.

We represent ship owners/charters/operators and render their vessels reliable and efficient to ensure smooth operations during canal transit or calls at Egyptian ports all 24 hours to safeguard their interest at the various local authorities, as well as:

  • To facilitate the Suez Canal passage and ensure prompt dispatch of vessels.
  • To handle the finance of vessels particularly the Canal dues and estimated disbursements; also supervise payments of all
  • expenses to avoid vessels transit delay.
  • To liaise with Suez Canal Authority as to reductions on Canal dues for long destinations, particularly big vessels like
  • tankers/supertankers.
Shipping Agent / Protecting Agent
We act as shipping agents and protecting agents by virtue of the licence issued to us by Ministry of Maritime.
Shipping consultants
Efficient shipping advisors for any enquiry concerning Suez Canal. We also arrange for the carrying out of surveys required by the vessel.
Bunkering suppliers
Bunkering facilities are available at our ports and our capable team can achieve fast delivery of bunkers and lubricants.
General ship suppliers
Through our own transit stores, we can supply your vessels with bond/engine/deck stores imported from the most reliable sources in the Far East and Europe.
Crewing supply
Our long experience in shipping enables us to offer efficient and highly trained seamen. Also all our officers are professionally qualified.
Dry dock/maintenance works
We can offer efficient staff for dry dock/maintenance works including welders and fitters works.
Cash to Master
We can offer a Cash to Master service for yachts – please enquire for more details.
Felix Maritime Agency

Latitude: 31° 15′ S
Longitude: 32° 19′ E

Managing Director and Chairman:
Mohamed Nagib Latif
+20 100 1095 055

Mohamed Mostafa
+20 1006 836 831

Felix Maritime Agency
Palace Tower 1
Palestine & Al Salam St
2nd Floor No 5
Port Said 42599
Tel: +2066 3206970
Fax: +2066 3206510
VHF: 67


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Felix Maritime Agency
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