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Seychelles covers over 100 islands spread over a sea area of half a million square miles. The main island of Mahe is 4 degrees south of the Equator and approximately 1,000 miles to the east of Mombasa. Totally out of the cyclone belt, Seychelles has a virtual 12-month cruising season, with tradewinds blowing (southeast and northwest) for ten months of the year; the months of March/April and Oct/Nov generally have light winds. Cruising Seychelles offers visitors a wide variety of islands, both granitic and coralline, populated and unpopulated.

Hunt, Deltel and Co. Ltd is a Seychelles registered and owned company founded in 1937. The company is involved in a wide range of activities covering shipping, commercial fishing, trading, DHL, airfreight and property investment. We have been in the forefront of promoting Seychelles as a superyacht destination and have handled the majority of such vessels calling in recent years. Our ship management activities are ISO9001/2000 compliant.

Full details of our services are available at our website: Directors of the company are Consular representatives for Spain.

We have a dedicated department for visiting superyachts, with English, French and Spanish being the spoken languages.

A full range of agency services are offered:

Arrival & Departure Clearance

We make all the necessary arrangements for arrival and departure clearance. If owners wish to clear from one of the outer islands this can be arranged, with our representative and Customs & Immigration flying to the respective island. We also arrange clearance with the Directorate of Civil Aviation for private aircraft.

Charter Licence

If an owner wishes to charter in Seychelles we can process all the necessary documents with Government and arrange the relevant licence before the vessel’s arrival.


Bunkers are only available on the main island of Mahe. Duty Free fuel is available to yachts over 20T GRT and licensed charter vessels.

Berthing and Anchorages

A new marina facility, The Wharf, has recently opened on the East Coast, equidistant from Victoria and the international airport. Berthing space is limited so advance notice of requirements is recommended. Vessels up to around 50m LOA can be berthed. The marina
has 16 rooms and also a 4 bedroom suite. All have ensuite bathrooms, internet, satellite TV and are to a very high quality. Bookings are available through Hunt, Deltel. Berthing is also available at the commercial quay and the Coast Guard quay, subject to availability. We provide professional advice on all berths and anchorages on the outer islands.

Spares and Delivery

We arrange clearance and delivery of any spares. We operate our own airfreight consolidation weekly from Europe and S. Africa, offering very competitive rates.

Mobile Phones

GSM systems operate in Seychelles and there are roaming agreements with a number of countries. Local SIM cards are available.

Flag Registration

We offer a service to register vessels under the Seychelles flag.

Hunt, Deltel & Co Ltd

Latitude: 4° 37′ S
Longitude: 55° 27′ E

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Hunt, Deltel & Co Ltd

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