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Maldives Yacht Support

Why MYS ?

We are the leading provider for concierge and marine agency services to the superyacht industry in the Maldives. From the vessel’s first entry point to Maldives, yachts cruising throughout the Maldives receive the highest quality maritime agency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Maldives Yacht Support has been providing services and support to valued clients since 2009, making a name in the industry and receiving the trust and positive feedback of many clients through the success.

Our Commitment

MYS is committed to deliver a range of quality assured services from the initial stages of planning the yacht’s stay until departure. MYS tailors each service to the individual needs of the client, the handling of a single port call or a last minute request to a concierge specialist. MYS depends on its team, their local knowledge and industry expertise to reach the highest standards of service. With a commitment to excellence, accountability and transparency, MYS strives to provide a premium value to all clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set the seal on maximum enjoyment and superiority time on the yacht for our clients, while we make sure ongoing processes do not upshot any obstacles. Our aim is to put forward a seamless service to guests visiting the Maldives islands, from the very initial stages of planning to yacht’s stay through the final departure.

Maldives, a beguiling array of islands randomly scattered in the Indian Ocean making space to the highest rated popular luxury destinations, these islands with no doubt has the silkiest waters to cruise across in one of those dream vessels. Maldives yacht cruises take place in the northern hemisphere’s winter, the same time as the Caribbean, and proves to be a very interesting and exotic alternative to this traditional location. The Maldives provision luxury holiday makers with a wonderful climate, superb beaches which at times are referred to as the best in the world and amazing caves, lagoons and smooth waves for the perfect yacht cruise.

Port Information:
  • H. A. Uligan 7.08 33° N, 72.92 78° E
  • H. Dh Kulhudhuffushi 06° 37.50 N 073° 04.00 E
  • S. Hithadhoo 00° 37.90 N 073° 06.65 E
Tourist Information:
Airport Details:
  • Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (VRMM)
Other Services Offered:
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Limited fabrication/steel work is available
Maldives Yacht Support

Latitude: 73º30’05″E
Longitude: 04º10’05″N

Abdulla Waheed +960 779 5257
Manoj RPM +960 792 2525

Maldives Yacht Support
H Jazeera 7th Floor
Boduthakurufaanu Magu
Tel: +960 300 2536
VHF: 10
24 Hrs: +960 779 5257 or +960 792 2525

AYSS Member Since 2016

Maldives Yacht Support

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