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Sea Waif

INDIA has the magical ability to go beyond the ordinary.

MUMBAI (BOMBAY) – A jewel on India’s west coast is a good starting point. Any place you choose in India is conveniently linked to Mumbai.

The port city of Mumbai is the most exciting introduction to India. Geographically a western extremity, Mumbai over the years, in many ways has become India’s nerve centre and financial capital of India. The bustling metropolis with an area of 440 and a population of 20 million is a vibrant city with a glorious past.

SEA WAIF – The only exclusive yacht management company in India since 1994. The marina facilities offered by Sea Waif include assembling & laying special moorings, provide berthing facilities, supply of bunkers, fresh water, provisions etc. A dedicated work boat and tenders are available. Sea Waif has a trained workforce available to meet every conceivable need of a yacht and can do GRP repairs, polishing, varnishing, painting, housekeeping, chandlery, etc.

Sea Waif has been appointed as the authorized dealer of International Yacht paints in India and has the trained manpower to undertake full paint jobs. Sea Waif is also engaged in full management of marina facilities at Mumbai except that the marina is a ‘swinging mooring’ type rather than a conventional one (alternate docking can be arranged in the commercial dock), but that is the
limitation in Bombay – there is no existing marina.

Ports where we provide our services in India include: Mumbai; Goa; Manglore; Cochin; Pondicherry; Lakshdweep Island; Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

We provide our services on 24/7
  • Inward & outward clearing
  • Office facilities
  • Yacht yard arrangements
  • Yacht deliveries
  • Yacht valuation
  • Technical consultancy
  • 24 hour transport
  • Car rental
  • Mobile phone rental
  • Bunkering & berthing arrangements
  • Flight arrangements
  • Yacht chartering
  • Flag registrations
  • Stores & duty-free supplies
  • Laundry
  • Emergency response services
  • Customs clearance
  • Air transfer
  • Yacht brokers
  • Yacht insurance
  • Hotel reservations
  • Offshore maintenance
  • Crew matters
  • Spare part supplies
  • Legal advice
  • Yacht management
  • Local Internet connections
  • Sight seeing tours throughout India.

Managed by world class yachtsman Mr Aashim Mongia, who has been honoured by the Govt. of India with the Arjuna Award for excellence in yachting, the company enjoys an enviable reputation in the market today.

Successful re-certification of AYSS Membership completed July 2016

Sea Waif

Latitude: 18° 55’0
Longitude: 72° 50’5

Mr. Aashim Mongia
Phone: +91 22 61907000 / +91 22 61907002
Mobile: +919 820 130 940

Mr. Jitendra Rami
Phone: +91 22 61907000 / +91 22 61907004
Mobile: +919 820 369 980

101 Doli Chambers
Bhramakumari Marg
Mumbai 400005

Fax: +912 222 829 602
General email:

AYSS Member Since 2005

Sea Waif
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