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Strait Superyacht Services S.L.

In keeping with the name given to it in ancient times, Ceuta, as one of the two Pillars of Hercules situated as a gateway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, has been a bastion in the provision of facilities to shipping since earliest of times, with bunkering being one of its prime and most consistent services.

STRAIT SUPERYACHT SERVICES sl is situated in Ceuta, which, under special jurisdiction, is a completely DUTY FREE port with no VAT applicable a/o taxes on MGO supplied at our own pier with guaranteed berthing upon arrival. Among others services SSS offers through the Shipping Agency branch (INCARGO sl) A to Z assistance, slops removal, luboil delivery, fresh and frozen provisions, crew change, security and any other services a superyacht could require.

Strait Superyacht Services S.L.


C / Juan Rejón 32, 6th
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  – 35008
P.I.C. Mr. Domingo Fuentes
ph.   +34  928 469140
mob +34  617 454397

AYSS Member Since 2007

Strait Superyacht Services S.L.

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